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Terms and Conditions

1. Tentative Booking/Confirmation
A Tentative booking will be held for 24 hours only, pending confirmation and if confirmation is not received within 24 hours, the tentative booking will be cancelled.
Superhero Central will not be responsible for any disappointment caused by the rare inabilty to qualify a late booking.
However, we will endeavour to refer you to another recommended entertainment business.

2. Indemnity, Damage, and Insurance
a) Superhero Central will take all reasonable care to protect the property of client, guests, invitees or other persons attending the function, but accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any injury, illness or harm suffered by any person, unless caused through the lawfully proven negligence of Superhero Central. It is recommended that at least one adult be supervising the children whilst enjoying our performance at all times.
b) It is the sole responsibility of the client to arrange adequate insurance prior to the function in order to cover the client’s obligations.

3. Payment
The full amount of the confirmed quoted price is to be paid to the performer upon completion of the performance.

4. The Travel Surcharge
A surcharge of at least $20 is added to the quoted price when a character must travel outside our designated bounds of Greater Sydney.
This picture map (below) is an estimate - please call us for clarification if your party is 'on the drawn line'


We will call you the night before to confirm all details, including estimated number of invited children, venue size, weather, etc.
When organising the big day, naturally, there is a lot to remember, and- a lot to forget!
Here's a few
Superhero Central Party Tips:
Toys, Bikes, Weapons and other distractions:
To get the maximum enjoyment of your special occasion please ensure that the designated playing area is clear of presents, toys, bikes, party poppers and other things which could distract from the performance.

Please don't display tooting party trumpets until after the performer has left - we can't talk over them!
discourage children from:
-holding toy guns & knives
-wearing toy eye patches during gameplay(two eyes are safer than one)
-any violent or dangerous behavour
-swearing or being consistently nasty

When to feed the children
Some quick snacks will keep the kids from getting hungry before the performance.
Towards the end of most performances the special birthday cake will be brought out by the host. After the singing, candles & cake-cutting, the cake should be put aside until more savoury party food has been eaten. This is when all little guests can sit down and eat.
But please don't allow children to eat while participating in the performer's games.

Sugar & Caffeine
It's virtually inevitable that children will consume sugar at a party. It's how much that will determine the difference between 'energetic' and 'uncontrollable'.
Caffeine is found in cola and diet cola. It is a stimulant and shouldn't be served to children, especially younger ones.
Most children don't regularly consume this food & drink can go to a party, be greeted by a smorgasbord of lollies and Coke, and turn naughty very quickly.
Sweets in moderation is fine, but we frown upon kids

Enjoy the Day!
Many hosts organise too many attractions in order to make their occasion 'more perfect'.
Some get so caught up in adding more to it all they start feeling stressed and frustrated. Ironically, parents can have such a tough time planning a fun time that they forget about having  a great time. Often the simplest parties are the best.
Superhero Central will work professionally with other performers, inflatable castles and most other outside entertainment.
And we will strive to be
the best contribution to the overall fun and excitement on your special day.

Call or text 0412424040 or email us for a quote and availability.

(02) 9907 6625 (9am -7pm)



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