'The funniest kids' comedian in Australia'

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Who is Jonas Kidster?







"You were great. I was so impressed with your energy. My kids loved you. What a great way to have introduced them to comedy"


-Lisa,(a mum from the SCF shows), 2011




















Jonas Kidster is a professional standup comedian who has entertained at thousands of kids' parties since 1996. He has the instincts and loads of kids' comedy material to perform fantastic half hour stage shows or one hour interactive performances with games.


The kids are sitting down, and Jonas Kidster comes out to perform a half hour comedy show with lots of fun heckling and rapid-fire jokes about babies, pets, and grown-ups!

His educational half-hour show 10 Ways To Be a Better Kid has been enjoyed by hundreds of kids in NSW schools already!

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Jonas Kidster will generally entertain at larger functions for an hour. Using his bag of tricks, he will often conduct running and tip games, tug-o-war, balloon soccer, sneaking statues, depending on the situation and venue. He often umpires and commentates games at the same time.These are best suited to large halls, parks, function venues or big backyards.

Call us for a quote. (02) 9907 6625

Above: Jonas Kidster & Chris Radburn entertaining at The Starlight Room at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Above: Dave Eastgate, Jonas Kidster & Chris Radburn after their successful run of shows in the Kids Comedy Showcase at the Sydney Comedy Festival at NIDA's Parade Theatres

Jonas Kidster is a brave man; he certainly knows his super heroes, he may even be one! If you are a parent and want your kids to eat their vegetables, be kind to animals, be good with money and always tell the truth with good manners, then you will be well served to take your little people to the Piglet at Gluttony to see Jonas. His carefully directed comedy about how to be a better kid cleverly spans all ages and is punctuated with various musical interludes, sound effects, acrobatics and heckles from the smaller members of the audience. By the end of the show he knew all the kids by their first name and they all left with a small gift. Engaging and interactive; think The Wiggles rolled into one person.
- Ben Williams, Rip It Up Magazine, 2014


There is nobody else like Jonas Kidster in Australia. A professional grown-ups' standup comedian who entertains kids professionally. That's unique.



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